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Home Staging Myths Dispelled!

stagingHome staging and curb appeal are two of the biggest items on your agents checklist to help get your home to sell fast and at a great price. With so much emphasis placed on these trends it’s a wonder that so many homeowners balk when it comes to incorporating these ideas into their home sales strategy.

It is my hope that we can help dispel some of the myths surrounding home staging so that it makes more sense as the great marketing tool it can be. Here a a few of the most common misconceptions:

Home Staging is Too Expensive.
It’s natural to focus on return on investment when selling your home; of course you want your home to sell for as much as the market will allow. Think of home staging in this scenario: home staging typically costs from .5 to 1 percent of a homes asking price; studies show that staged homes not only sell faster but they sell for more money than those that aren’t staged.

It’s Not Worth it to Stage a Smaller, Less Expensive Home.
Au contraire! Big or small it’s to your advantage to get top dollar for your home and staging can help make that happen. Staging a smaller home can actually be even more important because you can actually show potential buyers how they will be able to maximize the available space to suit their needs.

Staging is Just De-cluttering.
Nope! Staging is about presenting the home in it’s best light. It’s also about styling the home for it’s big photo shoot. Do you think Dolce Gabbana would send their best model onto the runway without at least a once over? Forget it! Your home is the same way! De-cluttering can prove to be a large part of the process – especially if you have a lot of clutter – but it’s not what it’s all about.

Staging is Only Good for Empty Homes.
Think again! While staging is critical to empty homes it is also important to occupied homes because it costs less to do and can still have a huge impact. You definitely want to do some staging on an empty home – furniture alone can help give a better sense of “depth” to a space – but don’t underestimate the impact of small accents added to a room that already is furnished.

Neutralize All the Things!
50 shades of grey? Neutral walls, neutral ceilings, neutral neutrals! Sorry, but good staging is about more than just making everything blend in. A pop of color in the right place can not only show a little unique sense of style but it also can snap your buyers back to attention after doubtlessly being confronted with a legion of plain Jane paint jobs in other homes they’ve viewed.

It can be a challenge just to find a home stager who understands staging is an art form as well as a powerful marketing vehicle for your home. It’s all about creating a space the buyer will fall in love with; when you do that the demand for the home can’t do anything except go up – along with the price!

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