Rhett Boeker

Licensed in:

Office: 208-324-3354

Cell: 208-731-2898

     Being born in Twin Falls and growing up in the Magic Valley, I've seen Southern Idaho grow to what it is today.  I can see the potential that the Valley has. Growing up I worked with my father during my summer breaks doing residential construction and remodels.  Having construction background, I proceeded to the University of Idaho, graduating with a B.S. degree in wood construction and design in 2007.  Being able to do a variety of hobbies in Idaho is one of the things I enjoy about the Magic Valley.  I enjoy the outdoors, camping, golfing, fishing, shooting and side by side adventures with family and friends.

     I bought my first home in 2009 in Jerome and I remodeled and added on to it in 2016.  Doing the work myself, I have a well rounded knowledge of construction.  From 2014 to the spring of 2019, I was an owner operator of Smokey Mountain Transport, hauling fertilizer and commodities to the Mountain West region of the U.S.  I have grown to like Idaho more and more, realizing that we have a sweet little spot here.

     I decided to become a Realtor and follow my mother's footsteps in hopes to succeed as she has done and to help people through the selling and buying process.  I have had to jump through hoops and struggle through the buying process mysef due to my self-employment career in the trucking industry.  In the winter of 2019 I realized that being home with family was worth more to me than the money in trucking.  I was bound and determined to become a Realtor that would allow me to be home daily instead of just on weekends.  Seeing how much my mom "Bonnie B" likes helping people throught the selling and buying process shined a light for me.  Whether it's the first time buyer, just out of college, or people upgrading homes to meet their growing families needs, I felt this was a realm that I could help people slide through easily.